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110 Ireland's Best Carolan Tunes Book & CD (Melody & Chords)

The 110 Irelands Best Carolan Tunes Book & CD is a full of classic tunes attributed to the legendary Irish harper and composer, Turlough OCarolan. A must for every traditional musicians repertoire. Suitable for all melody instruments. 

Available as Standalone Book or as a Book & CD.

Contents Include:

All Alive, Baptist Johnson, Betty MacNeill, Betty OBrien, Blind Mary, Brian Maguire, Bridget Cruise (3rd Air), Bumper Squire Jones, Captain Magan, Carolans Cap, Carolans Concerto, Carolans Cottage, Carolans Dowry, Carolans Draught, Carolans Dream, Carolans Farewell to Music, Carolans Favourite, Carolans Frolic, Carolans Maggot, Carolans Quarrel with the Landlady, Carolans Ramble to Cashel, Carolans Receipt, Catherine Martin, Charles OConor, The Clergymans Lamentation, Colonel Irwin, Constantine Maguire,Counsellor Dillon, Cremonea, Donal OBrien, Dr. MacMahon, Edward Corcoran, Eleannor Plunkett, Elizabeth MacDermott Roe, The Fairy Queen, Fanny Power, Father. Brian MacDermott Roe, George Brabazon (1st Air), George Brabazon (2nd Air), George Reynolds, Gerald Dillon, Grace Nugent, Henry MacDermott Roe (1st Air), Henry MacDermott Roe (2nd Air), Henry MacDermott Roe (3rd Air), Hugh ODonnell, Isabella Burke, James Betagh, James Crofton, James Daly, James Plunkett, John Drury (2nd Air), John Kelly, John MacDermott, John OConnor, John Peyton, Lady Athenry, Lady Blaney, Lady Gethin, Lady Laetitia Burke, Lament for Charles McCabe, Lament for Owen Roe ONeill, Lament for Sir Ulick Burke, Lament for Terence MacDonough, The Landlady, Lord Galways Lamentation, Lord Inchiquin, Lord Louth, Maurice OConnor (1st Air), Maurice OConnor (2nd Air), Miss Goulding, Miss MacDermott, Miss MacMurray, Morgan Magan, Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe, Mrs. Fallon, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Maxwell (1st Air), Mrs. Maxwell (2nd Air), OFlinn, ORourkes Feast, Ode to Whiskey, One Bottle More, Peggy Morton, Planxty Browne, Planxty Burke, Planxty Crilly, Planxty Drew , Planxty Drury, Planxty Hewlett, Planxty Irwin, Planxty Jameson, Planxty Kelly, Planxty Sweeney, Planxty Wilkinson, Richard Cusack, Robert Hawkes, The Seas Are Deep, The Separation of Soul and Body, Si Beag Si Mor, Sir Charles Coote, Sir Edward Crofton, Sir Festus Burke, Sir Ulick Burke, Squire Parsons, Squire Woods Lamentation, Thomas Burke, Tobias Peyton, The Two William Davises, William Eccles.

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