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With over 30 years of Merchandising experience, now managing over 3000 individual SKUs, and
delivering around 250,000 packages every year, the James Trading Group have remained on-top by consistently pushing the status-quo in channel management, product design, manufacturing and supplying.

As we manage the entire design, manufacturing and supplying process, The James Trading Group places an emphasis on trust and collaboration, which has allowed us to maintain productive, professional relationships - just let our 10 years of experience developing and managing successful Amazon stores or our 8 years of experience designing, building and developing the Guinness Webstore speak for itself.

Read more about our successful and long-standing partnership with the Guinness Webstore here!

We continuously pressure ourselves to optimise all of our services to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you decide to work with us, you can be sure you are receiving sustainable and organic products, developed with eco-consciousness at the forefront of our processes.

Not convinced yet? Here are more key statistics showcasing how well we can add value to your organisation:

- Our products are sold in over 400 locations in the US alone.

- Relationships with mass market retailers such as Walmart, Target, Macy's and Tj Maxx.

- We continue to have properous relationships for decades, such as our 26-year long relationship with Diageo.