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Guinness Official Merchandise

Our Guinness Official Merchandise celebrates an extraordinary brand, which for over two centuries has been held in great affection around the world. For many, Guinness® has come to symbolize a way of life, always with style, wit, and good humor. Explore our collection today.

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Guinness Ireland Collection Guinness pint glasses.An Guinness Ireland Collection pint glass featuring the iconic label.
Large Guinness Toucan Embossed Mug.
Red Toucan Pint Road Sign by Guinness at St. James's Gate Brewery capturing the iconic pint.Red Toucan Pint Road Sign Guinness on a window sill.
A perfect pour Guinness Toucan Pouring Spoon with a chain attached to it.
Official Label Golf Towel by Guinness.
Lovely day for a Guinness Nostalgic Coaster - Toucan Weathervane.
Guinness Golf Head Pint Cover offers golf enthusiasts a stylish and protective solution for their clubs. Made with high-quality materials, this head cover showcases the iconic Guinness logo, adding a touch of sophistication to any golf.
Two Guinness Classic Pint Glass Twin Packs with the official merchandise logo.A close up of a Guinness Classic Pint Glass Twin Pack, official merchandise.
A man wearing a red Guinness Harp Premium Tee, paired with blue jeans, looks to the side, exuding a vintage look.Man wearing a red Red Guinness Harp Premium Tee with a circular yellow logo on the back, standing and looking to the left. He is also wearing blue jeans.
A bearded man sporting a Guinness Signature Black Trucker Mesh Baseball Cap Adjustable.An adjustable Guinness Signature Black Trucker Mesh Baseball Cap with the Irish Harlequins logo on it.
Luxury Guinness playing cards on a white background are the perfect addition to any game night.
A man sporting a Guinness Black & Red Toucan Hooded Rugby in black, white, and red.A hooded man, wearing a Guinness Black & Red Toucan Hooded Rugby hoodie.
Golf Ball Markers (3 Pack)
A man wearing a Guinness Premium Beige & Black Harp Hat.A Guinness Premium Beige & Black Harp Hat.
Guinness Enamel Black Mug: Guinness branding.
Truck Tin with Fudge 200gTruck Tin with Fudge 200g
Guinness Enamel Toucan Mug - lovely day for a shinny.A Guinness Enamel Toucan Mug sits on a table.
Contemporary Umbrella
A pack of Guinness Contemporary 3PK Golf Balls branded with the Guinness logo in elegant black and gold packaging, making them perfect golf ball gifts.
Guinness Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Guinness® Toucan Luggage Tag featuring a distinctive toucan design.
Lovely vintage day for a Guinness Horse & Cart Coaster.
Guinness Small Rugby Ball with the Guinness logo on a white background.
Guinness Toucan Bottle Opener & Catcher with a built-in catcher.
Signature Luggage Tag
Black and White Soccer Jersey with Arthur SignatureBlack and White Soccer Jersey with Arthur Signature
Lovely day for a Guinness Nostalgic Coaster - Tortoise in Ireland.
Glass coasters are essential for protecting surfaces from liquid condensation and heat. This Guinness Nostalgic Coaster - Label adds a touch of elegance and style to any table setting while ensuring the protection of your furniture.
An embossed Guinness Embossed Stem Glass on a white background.This Guinness Embossed Stem Glass is embossed with the iconic Guinness logo, making it a must-have for any Guinness fan.
Pint Shape Bottle and Can Opener Keyring
A Guinness Sports Scarf, perfect for autumn/winter and featuring a harp print.A Guinness Sports Scarf, the perfect autumn/winter accessory, with the words "St Ireland" on it.
Nostalgic Wall Mounted Opener and Cap Catcher
A Guinness logo is prominently displayed on a Guinness PVC Pint shape Bar Mat.Guinness logo on a Guinness PVC Pint shape Bar Mat.
A man with a beard and red hair is wearing a Guinness Trucker Premium Brown with Embroidered Patch Cap.The back view of a man wearing a Guinness Trucker Premium Brown with Embroidered Patch Cap with a red beard.
Save $11.95ARTHUR GUINNESS® SIGNATURE PERFORMANCE RUGBY JERSEYThe back of a man wearing a black and white moisture-wicking PERFORMANCE RUGBY JERSEY with Guinness branding.
A deck of promotional Guinness Toucan playing cards featuring a toucan bird advertisement.A pack of Guinness Toucan Playing Cards, a perfect Guinness gift with a toucan on the cover.
Lovely day for a Guinness® Toucan Wallart.
Branded Guinness coasters in a box.

Revised Sentence: Guinness Cork Coaster Set - 4 PK in a box.
A person stands with arms crossed, wearing a black Guinness Soccer Jersey with a patterned design and the Guinness Webstore US logo on the chest.A man stands turned away, showcasing the back of a black Guinness Soccer Jersey with a subtle geometric pattern and the word "Soccer" printed on it, available from Guinness Webstore US.
Save $1.00Guinness Fudge Money Tin Toucan 100G luxury limited edition can.
This metal wall art features a Guinness Black Harp Bottle Cap Sign, complete with the iconic harp logo.
A durable grey cotton blend Guinness Surf Tee featuring an image of a man riding a horse.A durable Guinness Surf Tee made from a cotton blend fabric that says "Good things come to those who wait.
On saleThe Guinness Anticipation Pint Tee from Guinness is a stylish t-shirt that combines comfort and anticipation with the word 'anticipation' prominently displayed on it. Perfect for those who appreciate both style and excitement.A man with tattoos wearing a Guinness Anticipation Pint Tee, showcasing both comfort and style.
Guinness Red Mug with Flying Toucan
The Guinness® Black Label Beanie with the Guinness logo on it is made of acrylic.
Save $9.95Black and White Soccer JerseyBlack and White Soccer Jersey
Premium Guinness Harp long sleeve tee.Premium Guinness men's long sleeve tee is replaced with Premium Harp Sweater by Guinness.
Guinness Magnet Bottle Opener that doubles as a bottle opener.